NurseDavid.com is Here!

UPDATE: Kyle (my level 10 web wizard) has activated NurseDavid.com. All future content will be posted there. I hope to see you there!


Soon™.” That is my best estimate on when http://www.nursedavid.com will be an actual website. It is hard to get someone not being paid to work faster. Patience, that’s a thing I have only learned in the last handful of years. More on that later.

In the meantime, if you have this current address saved and it doesn’t redirect, find me at the link above.

-Nurse David


Exercise, Diabetes (Type 2) & Low Blood Sugar

Today’s message: Increasing physical activity (aka exercise) will increase sugar used by muscles and lower the body’s resistance to insulin. The result is lower blood sugar.

Why is this important? Managing diabetes effectively is about being aware of the balancing act between blood sugar levels and diabetic medications. An unforeseen risk for diabetics increasing physical activity is hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). This is potentially life threatening.

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New Belgium Citradelic Tangerine IPA


I wish I had a go-to beer that was both great and widely accessible.

I don’t, so I end up drinking a lot of different types of beers. This tangerine IPA from New Belgium Brewing is 6% abv and quite tasty from start to finish. It’s a great summer beer and a nice change of pace from searching for the perfect traditional IPA. I also find things have been better from the can recently.

Will I buy it again? Yes.

-Nurse David

*Please Drink Responsibly* 

Repotting My African Violet


This year for Nurse’s Week I was given the choice between chocolate and an African Violet. I did not anticipate the possibility of ending up with chocolate and luckily received the last violet!

Another thing I did not anticipate was just how well I would take care of it. It was time for a new pot. Off to Aman’s Farm & Market I went for a new pot and supplies.

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“We Don’t Know What You Do…”

This line, frequently uttered by a physician, is a bit of a running gag my bosses would rather me not mention. In New York state Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is still relatively new.

When the role of clinical care manager was conceived, it did not come with a definitive list of responsibilities, rather an outline of what the position was meant to accomplish.

That role is evolving monthly and that can confuse patients and other members of the health care team that want to understand the best way to utilize a nurse clinical care manager.

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