Holiday Weekend Savings

I can’t wait until this is overflowing in a couple of weeks!

I mentioned yesterday that I stopped by Aman’s Farm & Market to buy a new pot for my African Violet. I failed to mention I saw an extremely cool planter on sale on my way to check out.

Love it.

I have been researching how to propagate annual plants so I can keep them growing inside over the winter and replant in the Spring. If I can manage this I will save a ton of money and the cost of propagation is minimal outside of some patience.

Off I went to Genrich’s Garden Center, which is my local greenhouse nursery less than a quarter mile from my house. I can frequently be seen rolling one or two kids in a radio flyer down the sidewalk going to and from Genrich’s. They have a fantastic selection of annual and perennial plants. In addition to standard garden center fare they are florists. The thing I love about this place is the quality of their plants are usually exceptional. For this reason, I don’t mind paying a little more for the quality.

Genrich’s have a V.I.G. (very important gardeners) program that earns reward points that effectively amount to a 30% off discount when they decide to allow the points during a sale weekend. This 4th of July weekend is one of those weekends. Sale prices, buy one, get one on six packs of annuals, and the V.I.G. discount are all fantastic as I ended up with petunias, potted and six packs of coleus.

I currently have five to nine varieties of coleus. We shall see how well I can keep them this summer and over winter.  Until then, I will continue to work on what I have and browse the local selection for ideas!

-Nurse David


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